Dedicated to the health and well-being of your pets.
Dedicated to the health and well-being of your pets.

COVID-19 Updates

At Cambria Veterinary Care, we are seriously considering the threat to our community of the coronavirus pandemic.  We are trying to fulfill our obligation to reduce risks to our staff and community while fulfilling our obligation to our clients and patients.  In order to best be available when our patients need us now and in the future the following policies will be implemented as of Friday, 3/20/20 :

  • Please call ahead for any medication refills, medical advice or to determine if your pet needs to be examined by the doctor.  Our online pharmacy ( can be used to order medication and have it delivered to your door. Any messages that are left for doctors (i.e. medication refills) may take up to 24 hours for a response. Any urgent message’s will be answered in a more immediate manner.
  • We have begun allowing clients to enter the building for appointments and medication pick-ups with the following cautionary policies in place: 
    • One person per pet may be present in the exam room during your pets appointment.
    • Masks must be worn at all times while in the building. If you have forgotten your mask, are unable to wear one, or do not feel comfortable coming into the building, we are still offering curbside services. We are more than happy to provide curbside services to protect you and our staff during this nationwide pandemic.
  • If you are utilizing our curbside services, or are expecting a call from us, the call may be from a blocked number. In order to keep our phone lines as open as possible, we are using our personal cell phone to make returning phone calls. 

These policies will likely change with time.  We hope that these evolving measures will help to ensure the safety of you, our valued client, our staff and of course our patients.  

Thank you for your cooperation.

Frequently  Asked Questions

COVID-19 has only been reported in humans. With many dogs tested, there is no evidence that they can contract or spread coronavirus (other than as a fomite much as contact with surfaces or clothing can.)

The dog in Wuhan that you no doubt have heard about was a 17 year old dog owned by a person infected with COVID-19. Testing the dog revealed a weak positive for viral particles which means there was some virus present in its nasal passages. There was never evidence that the dog had a viable infection and never showed any signs of respiratory disease. The dog subsequently died presumably of other causes.

If you are infected with COVID-19, in an abundance of caution, it is recommended to limit contact with your pet and use common sense hygiene practices such as hand washing.j
**More research is expected to continue throughout the pandemic.

Many species of animals are susceptible to strains of CoronaVirus. These other strains, while being related to COVID-19, do not cause the same illness.

CoronaVirus vaccinations can be a component of a routine canine vaccine regimen. A species-specific strain of coronavirus can also cause serious illnesses in cats.

IT IS IMPORTANT TO NOTE: These viruses are species-specific and have not been known to cross species or cause illness in humans.

Consistent with what is being required of human medical providers, elective procedures must be postponed

  • for companion animals to conserve medical supplies and safeguard human health. Urgent and emergency care will be provided at the discretion of the Veterinarian. Call our office if you have an urgent or emergent problem with your pet and you will be directed how to proceed.

While it is important to keep your pet current for routine wellness care and immunizations, most healthy mature pets will have minimal risk of disease as its immunity from vaccinations starts to wane. Most routine wellness exams and vaccinations will be postponed.

If your pet is not currently protected, you will need to weigh the risks of your pet being exposed to disease versus the risk of you being exposed to disease. If you and your pet are relatively quarantined, your pets exposure is unlikely. However if your pet is likely to be exposed to other pets directly or indirectly, vaccinations may be warranted.

Many routine medications and preventatives such as flea and tick prevention can be ordered through our online pharmacy and delivered to your home. Click here for our online pharmacy.

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